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MSB allows you to test all its features. Data will only be partially displayed until registered.


Syncing with iTunes is required to use MSB:
MSB should work on any system (Mac or PC) that meets the current requirements for syncing an iOS device.

Windows Internet Explorer 8+ and WebKit browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) recommended.


Report a problem: Bug reports and translation assistance may qualify for a complimentary personal license.

MobileSyncBrowser 6.3.6 — build 295  2016.07.15
Tested with iOS 9 / iTunes 12

Also works with older iOS/iTunes versions. Not all features may work across all possible combinations of iOS/iTunes.

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Other Available Downloads
Older Versions(Unsupported)
Pre-Release (For testing; see notes.)

Known Issues

[6.3.0] Locked (encrypted) notes introduced in iOS9.3 are not supported.
[6.3.0] Chat bubbles can appear distorted on some combinations of Windows and Explorer.
[6.3.1] Some older backups can trigger a NilObject error.

6.0 Changes

Rewritten for speed and stability improvements.
  • NEW Resizable Interface
  • NEW Printing
  • NEW Support for Visual Voicemail
  • NEW Improved previews (Files, Contacts, Etc)
  • CHANGE [6.3] Support for multimedia iOS9 notes.
  • CHANGE [6.3.5] Printed HTML Messages show contact info
  • FIX [6.3] Corrects 'XMLparser' error in certain notes
  • FIX [6.3.1] Shows lock status for iOS9.3 Notes.
  • FIX [6.3.1] Corrects a situation were some dates where improperly formatted.
  • FIX [6.3.3] Fixes a crash in Notes that could prevent a backup from opening.
  • FIX [6.3.4] Fixes a Windows-only issue that could cause Message 'chat bubbles' to render incorrectly.
  • FIX [6.3.6] Fixes a Windows-only issue with popup menus.
  • FIX [6.3.6] Fixes a Mac-only issue with some file exports when replacing an existing file.

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